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Hi there!

I hope you’re enjoying the GIFs.

GIFGlobe started out as a bit of an experiment in 2016. I was aware of the site Frinkiac (a search engine for screen grabs from The Simpsons, that has since introduced GIFs) and set myself the challenge of making something similar myself.

It began with Partridge Cloud and Brent Cloud. Word spread pretty quickly after Gizmodo and The Poke covered them. Since then the sites have expanded to become GIFGlobe covering other series and are growing in popularity all the time.

In the last 30 days of writing this, across the sites there’s been 15,500 unique visitors with 89,000 page views. It was all served up with 720GB bandwidth and the full collection of GIFs and images comes in at 1,446,103 files at 302GB.

This all costs money and is only going to start costing more if I add more series to the collection.

With this in mind, if you are enjoying the sites then any kind of small donation via Monzo would be greatly appreciated.